Frequently Asked Questions

SunCash is not a bank so we don't lend out your money to other customers. All our customer's funds are held in a segregated Client Account at a major bank in The Bahamas. We don't have to maintain expensive branches or old infrastructures, so we're able to offer our customers a superior product at a more competitive price.
You can open a SunCash account by clicking on the 'Sign up' button or downloading the app and registering.
A SunCash account is created as soon as you sign up with SunCash or register on your phone. Your SunCash account can be loaded anytime. As soon as you deposit funds, you may use your account for domestic/international money remittance, mobile topup, bill pay, donations/tithes, transferring funds to or receiving funds from a friend on the SunCash network, and withdrawing your funds by bank transfer or virtual credit card. Also, you can request a SunCash MasterCard or Visa Card that is directly linked to your SunCash account and use it for your everyday expenses and cash needs domestically or internationally.
In order to open a SunCash account, you must be minimum 18 years old and have a valid mobile number and an e-mail address. We ask you to provide your name, surname and e-mail address at the moment of signing up. We may require additional information as address, DOB and proof of ID to be used for some of the services we provide.
If you suspect that someone has your login details, please change your password and contact our Customer Service as soon as possible.
For security reasons, all personal details such as name, surname, mobile number, email address etc. requires you to contact our Customer Service.
The following table shows you the limits of your SunCash Account. For more information please consider the full SunCash Account Terms and Conditions available here.
Account Type Simplified Due Diligence (SDD) Full Due Diligence (FDD)
Maximum Daily Load Volume 2 Unlimited
Minimum Initial Load Equivalent of 10 BSD Equivalent of 10 BSD
Minimum Re-Load Equivalent of 10 BSD Equivalent of 10 BSD
Maximum Single Load Equivalent of 300 BSD Equivalent of 2500 BSD
Maximum Daily Load Equivalent of 300 BSD Equivalent of 2500 BSD
Maximum Monthly Load Equivalent of 1500 BSD Equivalent of 10000 BSD
We may ask you to upload documents so we can check your identity and proof of address to open an account. Documents are mandatory for KYC (Know Your Customer) check. We are running automatic KYC (Know Your Customer) and Sanction/PEP (Politically Exposed Person) Checks for fighting against anti-corruption and fraud. For this reason, we have specific transaction limits (see table below) and might require some documents (i.e. ID, driving license, etc.) if automatic checks fail.
You can upload documents in the following format: JPEG, PNP, GIF and PDF. Each document size cannot exceed 5 MB as size. In addition, it is essential to follow the documents guidelines:

Proof of Identity:
  • Passport
  • NIB ID card
  • Photo driving license
  • Residence permit or visa

Proof of address (no older than three months):
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
Unfortunately, we will not be able to process any transaction in your SunCash account if you have been asked to upgrade. We kindly ask you to provide the documents requested.
No, setting up a SunCash account is totally free.
Below is the fee table for your SunCash account. For more information please consult the full SunCash account Terms and Conditions, available here.
Action Type Cost
Account opening FREE
Loading your account FREE
Card Issued in Bahamas [CONTENT]
Visa / MasterCard
by Debit Card 1BSD
by Credit Card 2%+ 0.5 BSD
Merchant Load: FREE
Gift or Pin Code: FREE
Payments of funds:
by local payment FREE
Receiving funds:
account to account FREE
Transferring (Send) funds:
$1 - $199 5% of principal (VAT Inclusive)
$200 - $2,000 4% of principal (VAT Inclusive)
Above $2,000 3% of principal (VAT Inclusive)
Withdrawing funds:
by bank transfer: 1 BSD
by SunCash Merchant: 1BSD
SunCash Card usage:
SunCash debit card See Specific T&C
SunCash prepaid virtual card See Specific T&C
Remittance Refund 25 BSD
Administration Fee 10 BSD
Redemption Fee 10 BSD
We are sorry you want to leave, please contact our Customer Service in order to close your SunCash account.
You can see your SunCash transaction history in the 'My Transactions' section in your SunCash account or under Transactions on the Mobile app. In this section you will see all transactions related to your SunCash account and you can download your statements in PDF format via the website.
It's always important to constantly check your transactions statement. If you do not recognize a transaction, there could be a number of explanations:Only BSD is supported at this time.
  • Some merchants may have a different trading name; an internet search can help you to find this
  • Is the amount of the receipt different from the amount on the statement? This could happen with overseas transactions as a result of fluctuation of the exchange rate.
Is the amount of the receipt different from the amount on the statement? This could happen with overseas transactions as a result of fluctuation of the exchange rate.

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