Mobile Wallet

SunCash Account

Your SunCash wallet is tied to and can be fully managed from your mobile number (account number) and a $Cash tag from which you can make any cash transaction. With your account you can easily track all your transactions and view your account at a glance. Your SunCash account is completely free, there are no hidden costs and certainly no monthly or annual fees.

Money Transfer

Instantly Send money to or receive money from any other account. You can send money to your recipient’s SunCash wallet or to a store for pickup with just a few clicks. Sending money to your recipient’s SunCash wallet is simple and instant. We don’t have any hidden fees. Real time mid-market exchange rates, total commission and amount to be received are displayed with full transparency.

Get (Withdraw) Cash

You can get (withdraw) money from your SunCash account by visiting any SunCash Store or Agent or by clicking on the ‘Get Cash’ section of the mobile app. There you will have options to get (withdraw) to a virtual credit card, back to your registered Credit or Debit Card or to your registered bank account. Just enter the amount you want to withdraw. That's it, your money will be on its way. For your convenience, we can store your card and bank details securely for uninterrupted and faster withdrawals.

Request Cash

Requesting money with SunCash is fun and easy. Just enter the amount and phone number, $Cash tag or e-mail address of the person from whom you are requesting money with your customized message. An e-mail and/or a notification message will be send to their phone and/or SunCash wallet.

Load Cash

You can load money to your SunCash account at any SunCash store or Agent or directly from your mobile phone with a Voucher or Gift Card, Bank Transfer or with your debit or credit cards in seconds. For your convenience, we can store your card and bank details securely for uninterrupted and faster loads.

Donations and Tithes

Choose your personal favorite charity or church and make an instant donation with just 1-2-3 clicks. We offer charities, churches and NGOs a platform to accept donations. All gifts received are transferred via bank transfer or a check.

Pay for Goods and Services

You can use your phone to pay for goods and services at participating merchants and Utility Companies.

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