Frequently Asked Questions

You can get (withdraw) money from your SunCash account by visiting any SunCash Store or Agent or by clicking on the ‘Get Cash’ section. There you will have options to get (withdraw) to a virtual credit card, back to your registered Credit or Debit Card or to your registered bank account (or add a new one if you don't have it already) and then enter the amount you want to withdraw. That's it, your money will be on its way.
That depends on your bank some banks take commission, some don't and this is totally related with your bank.
If you do not have any bank Account, funds can be withdrawn at any SunCash Store or Agent, Virtual Credit Card or registered Credit or Debit Card. However you can send your funds to someone else or use your SunCash MasterCard or Visa Cards in order to withdraw your SunCash account balance from any ATM.
You can withdraw only the available funds in your wallet, deducted by any additional costs. If you request to withdraw more than your balance, the request will not be processed.
No, in the withdraw money section the only option is to withdraw money is to provide a bank account details under the same name of the SunCash account holder. But, you can send money to anyone you want under the 'Send Money' section.
Once your request has been processed, it cannot be cancelled. If you require assistance contact our Customer Service.

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